BILL DODD, Partner

BILL DODD, Partner

Bill is a Chartered Accountant and leads the commercial and accounting  departments of Christian Dodd. His biggest passion is for the interaction of people and what they can achieve together. He is enthused by clients and their businesses and naturally focuses on the creative spirit and energy of people involved.

He has a 30-year history of running successful enterprises and accounting His roles have included Managing Partner; Finance Director; Chief Executive; Chairman and he has set up and/or run many SME enterprises. Bill’s natural desire to focus on the creative spirit and energy of people has always been his inspiration and driving force.

Bill’s Career History

In Cumbria, he founded Dodd & Co, Chartered Accountants which at the time was one of the fastest expanding accounting practices in the UK. He was also Chairman and CEO of Lilliput Lane Group for five years in the 1980’s winning many awards including the Queens Award for Export prior to it being floated on the UK Stock Market.

From 1990 to 2006 he developed Collectible World Studios, based in Stoke on Trent, and worked with artists from around the world to both develop and introduce creative sculpture projects into specific marketplaces and opportunities. This company was very successful, directly employing 100+ people and providing 100's of support jobs.

He was co-founder of Manchester Chartered Accountants, Christian Douglass, in 2002 and remained a partner until 2007 before merging together in October 2017. Throughout all this time he has continued to work enthusiastically with artists and young entrepreneurs to develop and mentor business awareness and understanding.

Apart from his work with Christian Dodd LLP, Bill is currently Director with the Carte Blanche Greetings Group of Companies and Director of NB21C.UK Limited. 
BILL DODD, Partner BILL DODD, Partner